Don't Choke Chelmsford

Graham Pooley traffic congestion viewed from wing mirror # 10,000 new houses / flats into Chelmsford from 2001 to 2016 [Reports]

# 20,000 more 2017-2036 - read the details here

"Young people and families need genuinely affordable homes," says Chelmsford campaigner Stephen Robinson, "but many of these are in the wrong places, scattered around, and without the right infrastructure. Local services are already under strain; roads are at 96% capacity; and it will just get worse."

Chelmsford Council is choking Chelmsford. They put developers before local residents: they let them build 1750 houses before a new relief road has to be built; caved in to the developers at Channels, and sold off a major central Chelmsford site (a car park) for houses [more].

We need action to cut congestion - such as a third Park & Ride at Widford (maybe a fourth), better local bus services, better access to rail services, and improved cycling provision.

We need new infrastructure - at the same time as the developments, not after.

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We oppose overdevelopment of central Chelmsford with too many flats; and urban sprawl on green fields, especially to north / west of Chelmsford. New development should be close to transport links and be built with better local facilities and services.

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer running this campaign.