When the Liberal Democrats Ran the Council

Some newer residents of Chelmsford may not realise that you do not need to go back to the 20th Century for the last time the Liberal Democrats ran Chelmsford council. And whilst running the council, there were many things either implemented or introduced that Chelmsford residents take for granted today. Here are just a few of them;

Group of Lib Dem candidates outside Hylands House

Saving & Restoring Hylands House

30 years ago, Hylands House was an example of how badly a council could treat a fine country house. This culminated in the Conservatives deciding that the house was a drain on the public purse and that it should either be a golf course or failing that, demolished. However, opposition from Liberals and local groups was fierce and the house was saved.

The house and its grounds remain a much loved feature of Chelmsford, especially with the introduction of a children's adventure playground. Its ground are also home to some of Chelmsford's largest festivals, including the V festival, the 3-foot festival and Swing.

V Festival

The V Festival

Originally, the Liberal Democrats introduced the Chelmsford spectacular, which provided family entertainment in Hylands Park over the bank holiday weekend. Then came the V festival, which really served to put Hylands Park on the map. Averaging 170,000 visitors a year it is one of the UK's largest summer festivals and provides a huge boost to the local economy.

Chelmsford City Centre

Making Chelmsford a Better Place to Live

Local community is the cornerstone of everything we do, so we are continually seeking to improve Chelmsford for the better. Whilst running the council, millions were spent on improving children's play areas, including large projects such as the development of the Arun Close playing fields.

An extensive network of cycle paths was developed in parks and along the riverside. It disappoints us to see that other areas of Chelmsford are not fully joined to this network and this is work we have pledged to see completed if elected. Alongside the pedestrianisation of the High Street, the centre of Chelmsford is a pleasant environment for residents and shoppers alike.

Rather than just consult communities and then ignore them, we fully involve those local communities in our projects. Examples of this can be seen in the joint use (school and community) sports centre at William de Ferrers or the rejuvenation of the Boarded Barns area.

And all this was achieved whilst ensuring the council became debt free. If you want to see this sort of investment return to Chelmsford, sign our petition here;


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