The Conservatives do!

How many and where

They are building 16,000 new houses across the district between 2001 and 2021. You can sign our petition against the plans here.

1) 5,150 on green fields north of Chelmsford (800 between Newlands Spring and Broomfield, and 4,350 new houses north of Beaulieu Park and Springfield). Liberal Democrats have always campaigned against this urban sprawl.

The details are in the council's North Chelmsford Area Action Plan.

2) 11,000 within the already built areas of Link to web story Chelmsford, South Woodham and villages. This will endanger local open spaces, put a strain on local servies and cause congestion.

The details are in the council's Town Centre Area Action Plan and the Site Allocations Plan for the rest of the district. Local Plan Information


January 2010: developer confirms more congestion, as they won't pay for local improvements until 1,000 houses are sold. See here.

2008-09 North Area consultation: 71% of respondents were against the Council's plans for houses to the north-west and north-east of Chelmsford, but the council just ignored them!!

April 2008: Public inquiry into detailed plans for the town centre.

Sept. 2007: Public inquiry into the overall strategy. See Stephen Robinson's reports below.

Strategy inquiry day 1 Strategy inquiry day 2 Town Centre inquiry Chelmsford council web-page for all development plans

The Lib Dem alternative proposals:

  • All green fields on the edge of Chelmsford should be protected to prevent urban sprawl
  • Genuinely sustainable communities - with all the essential local support services included (and built early)
  • Previously-used land developed before green fields - but NO to town cramming & garden-grabbing

Lib Dems in Government backed laws to halt 'garden-grabbing'

Our Housing Strategy statement from December 2005

Our short statement on housing strategy from December 2006

Lib Dems restate support for the houses to go north of Boreham - 2007 response to alternative sites proposed by developers

How you can help our campaign

a) Sign our petition - Don't Choke Chelmsford

b) Contact the local Lib Dems: Stephen Robinson (parliamentary candidate) co-ordinated the Lib Dem response on the local plan.

Send him an email using this link

Please state your address, as your views will carry more weight if you are known to be a local resident.

The Liberal Democrats believe that

  • the Council should develop a sustainable new neighbourhood north of the railway/A12 on the old gravel workings north of Boreham (to stop Chelmsford growing ever-larger and to ease pressure on roads and services)
  • the development should be based around a new rail station north of Boreham, to minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • a development north of Boreham would be large enough to have its own services of shops, schools, clinics, community centres, post office, as well as railway station.

You can download posters for campaigning against the housing proposals from the download area.

Concrete posters

Details of Lib Dem proposals and recent comments on this subject

Borough Lib Dems give thumbs down to Tory development plans

Lib Dems slam lack of Tory vision in development plans