Experienced campaigner and election winner

Stephen in town centre

Campaigning against the ID database

Stephen has been

* working to stop the former St Peter's college site being sold [news1] and working to secure community facilities on the site [news2] and set up North Chelmsford Community Trust to do so.

* running a campaign to improve services for local young people [link]

* running a campaign against housing over-development www.cm.lib.dm/dontchoke

* playing a key role in the campaign to save Moulsham Lodge Community Centre

* working closely with the campaign for a new skatepark in Chelmsford's central park, including arranging meetings at the council

* campaigning for better transport in Chelmsford

Stephen organised the Greener Chelmsford campaign day and worked with others locally to establish a Transition Town group [link]

He has taken part in the Make Trade Fair campaigns in the town centre; cycled into town as part of the race for "In Town Without My Car" day, and has raised Chelmsford's Post Offices campaign at national level (http://cmld.org.uk/PostOffices).

He also helped the Chelmsford team that defeated the Tory "One Way Racetrack" proposals. The No Racetrack lobby was the first Chelmsford campaign to be run online as well as on the streets.

Stephen has organised campaigns and petitions such as against Labour's failure to help our pensioners, and in favour of free personal care for the elderly and disabled.

Proven election winner

Stephen has won 16 county and local elections as candidate or campaign manager.

He has experience of campaigning in general elections, parliamentary by-elections and many local elections and by-elections in Chelmsford, Epping Forest, the rest of Essex and around the country.

As 2010 parliamentary candidate for Chelmsford, Stephen increased the Lib Dem vote by 7%, one of the best results in a Conservative seat.

Chelmsford is a marginal, Conservative - Lib Dem race. It only needs a 4% swing for the Lib Dems to win.

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