St. Andrew's Ward Lib Dem Campaigners/Councillors

(covering Roxwell Road area, Chignal estate, Melbourne, Newlands Spring west)

Cllr. Lee Ashley

Lee Ashley lives in Newlands Spring and works in market research locally. She has backed the protests against 800 houses on local green fields and delivers your Focus newsletters.

She is backing the Lib Dem campaign to restore a 'lollipop' crossing near Newlands Spring school and for a mini-roundabout near Morrisons.

Since being elected as St Andrews ward Councillor in May 2015, she has worked on a number of local issues, including a tennis club for youngsters in the school holidays and litter clear-ups.

lee ashley

John Hunnable

John has lived in St Andrews ward since 1968 and was our City councillor 2011-2015. He says that we must have road improvements to cope with the houses forced on us by the Conservatives. Hollow Lane should only be a bridleway.

John will continue helping residents with local problems, such as buses, CHP and planning. John served our community as Mayor 2003/04.

john hunnable

Tom Willis

Tom Willis is a Governor at Hylands School and a trustee at Chelmsford Centre for Voluntary Action. Tom played a key role in securing the Chignal Estate 20mph limit as our Councillor.

He is supporting the efforts of our County Councillor, Stephen Robinson, to secure community facilities at the old Rainsford/St Peter's School site. Tom served our community as Mayor 2008/09.

tom willis