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Chelmsford Liberal Democrats

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Fix the Potholes! More money on basic services and less on spin doctors

The County Council spends £5 million a year on press and PR but cannot fix our roads and footpaths or protect vulnerable children. Taxpayers' money needs to be spent on more services for the benefit of local people and less on spin and publicity that benefits Conservative councillors.

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A Selection of some of the worst potholes in Chelmsford

Pothole behind Torquay Road, Springfield The winning entry from King's Road

Deep Pothole

Cllr Pooley demonstrates to Chelmsford Parliamentary Candidate Stephen Robinson and local Councillor Jude Deakin the depth of the potholes outside the Kings Road shops

Pothole marked for work

Will we be seeing more potholes left like this for longer periods?

Large pothole Pothole on Writtle Road The state of the roads near the Kings Road shops

Pothole and bike

Cllr. Pooley demonstrates the potential hazard to bike users

Potholein Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Parliamentary Candidate Stephen Robinson, Cllr. Stevens, Cllr. Mackrory

Local Lib Dems inspect yet another pothole