Voting By Post

Postal voteWhat are you doing on May 4th 2017?

I expect that's a question you can't answer. So much could happen between now and then, it's difficult to plan ahead.

Every year many people who intend to vote, don't make it to the polling station. I understand why.

Family commitments, work pressures, illness and even the weather mean things like voting can get forgotten or become impossible.

We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote at the important county council election on 4th May this year. It will be local residents' chance to:

  • Stop the downgrading of Broomfield Accident and Emergency department because of Conservative cuts to our NHS.
  • Vote for an end to Conservative neglect of our roads and pavements, especially local roads.
  • Support the Liberal Democrat 'Don't Choke Chelmsford' campaign - stopping the Conservatives massive new housing developments bringing Chelmsford to a standstill.

If you choose to vote by post, the council will send you your ballot paper in the post a couple of weeks before polling day. All you need to do is fill it in at home and send it back to the council before the election.

It's easy. Visit this web page;

Your vote WILL be crucial - make sure your voice is heard by applying for a postal vote today.

If you agree that now is the time to provide the funding our public services so desperately need, sign our petition here;

About the Essex County Council Election

Our Vision for Chelmsford

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Our History - When the Lib Dems Ran the Council

Vote by Post