Cut Air Pollution

Army & Navy roundabout

Real action needed to cut pollution at Army & Navy roundabout

Liberal Democrat Comments on the Draft Action Plan for the Army and Navy Roundabout Air Quality Management Area

1) Reserving Land for Future Improvements

Development plans are underway for the land previously occupied by Jewson's and Gard's. As part of that process, it is vital that land is reserved for possible improvements to the Army and Navy Roundabout e.g. slip roads from Van Diemans Road to Parkway and from Parkway to Chelmer Road.

Land must also be reserved for a safe and easy-to-use cycleway from Gt Baddow to the Town Centre and for adequate pedestrian ways that do not conflict with cyclists.

2) Park and Ride

The Park and Ride Site at Maldon Road, Sandon has brought the greatest improvements to congestion on the Gt Baddow bypass and the Baddow Road. This car park is full soon after 9am and needs extending. The network of Park and Ride sites for Chelmsford should also be brought forward to prevent congestion and air quality problems elsewhere and to make it unnecessary for cars to come to Maldon Road from other junctions on the A12 thereby filling the car park prematurely and wasting fuel.

3) Bus Services

Bus services should be improved to provide a good coverage of Gt Baddow both to and from the Town Centre and Broomfield Hospital at popular times. The services should be reliable and not subject to unpredictable cancellations and delays.

4) Cycleway

A safe and easy-to-use cycleway is needed from Gt Baddow to the Town Centre. In Gt Baddow, the Baddow Road is not appropriate as part of the cycleway because of the parked cars and heavy or queuing traffic. The Army and Navy underpass is damp and unwelcoming with right-angled bends and cycling is not allowed. The surface alternative of crossing the Baddow Road, Van Diemans Road and Parkway using pedestrian facilities is difficult and involves long delays. The underpass needs to be straightened and widened so both cyclists and pedestrians can use it safely. On the Town side, a route for the cycleway needs to be established to join the existing cycleway south of the river.

5) Pedestrian Ways

Pedestrian ways should be broad enough to permit wheelchairs and pushchairs to pass and should follow as nearly as possible the desired direction of travel.

6) Flyover Management

Any change in the times that the flow of traffic is reversed must be preceded by a well-published trial to judge its effect. A permanent flow into the Town might lessen congestion in the Baddow Road in the evening rush hour but would cause traffic to queue right through the Town to access the Army and Navy roundabout.

7) Travel Plans

Large Employers should be asked to stagger hours and allow more working-from-home where appropriate. Employers, schools and colleges should be asked to prepare Travel Plans that encourage walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing.