Our Vision For Chelmsford

We believe that now is the time for public sector cuts to stop and the investment needed to support a growing city to start. Therefore, the priorities for our campaign will be;

Mike Mackrory at Broomfield

The NHS and Social Care Sector

National funding for the NHS and Social Care sector is desperately low. However, at county level the Liberal Democrats are not willing to stand by whilst Chelmsford residents see Black alerts at Broomfield A&E, reduced funding to community pharmacies and increased GP waiting times.

We intend to alleviate the pressure by increasing funding for partnership working between the NHS and care providers. We will create a social care earmarked reserve diverted from the transformation budget. This reserve will be used to match fund joint initiatives with NHS and Care providers to speed the discharge of patients from hospital and increase levels of care outside hospital. This should reduce the effects of "bed-blocking" whereby a patient cannot be released from hospital as there is nowhere adequate for them to go.

We will continue to scrutinise the Essex Success Regime and in particular the potential downgrading of Broomfield A&E. A British Medical Association study showed Doctors to be sceptical about these Sustainability Transformation Plans and it is integral that they are not used to disguise cost cutting as efficiency saving to the detriment of the standard of service to patients.

Graham Pooley, Building high rise flats Sandon Park and Ride


Central to the stress on Chelmsford's roads and infrastructure is the rapid development of housing. 20,000 new houses are scheduled to be built by 2036, despite the fact we have roads at 96% capacity, a hospital where the A&E is regularly at black alert and a current lack of school places. Whilst there are plans for a new school at Beaulieu park if only 25% of the house built have 1 child, that is 5000 more place needed.

Once greenfield land is earmarked for development, it inevitably increases in value. We would there look to retain these greenfield sites, benefitting from this increase until developers have met the infrastructure requirements they agree at the outset. We would also ensure they commit to 35% of the development being affordable housing.

We would look to join Braintree, Colchester and Tendring investigating the feasibility of new garden communities, an idea popular throughout the country, but dismissed by Chelmsford council.

For many years, we have been petitioning the council to deal with the traffic issue. Even though £15 million has been available since 2015 from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, absolutely no progress has been made. Here are just some of the proposals we have made;

  • A 3rd Park & Ride in the Widford area which would alleviate traffic to the Army & Navy roundabout. In the long term, this would be followed by a 4th Park & Ride in west Chelmsford.
  • Provide reliable bus services that charge reasonable fares.
  • Provide a fully joined up cycle network with more secure bicycle rack in the centre of the city.
  • Make improvements to the Army & Navy roundabout. An obvious start would be to investigate a filter lane from the new bridge onto the A414.
  • Finish the north-east bypass to relieve congestion on Colchester Road and White Hart Lane.
  • Provide safer, better lit pedestrian routes in to the centre of Chelmsford.

Money would be transferred from the Capital Programme Provision for Highways and Infrastructure to return the budget to 2015 levels, allowing for the repair of roads and introduction of important safety schemes. Plus, an extra £2 million would be allocated for other important improvements.

We would also look to significantly improve school transport

LD councillors and young people protesting outside County Hall, Chelmsford

Youth Services

Funding would be allocated to the Education and Lifelong Portfolio to provide support, mentoring and respite for young carers as well as lunchtime clubs and drop-in session held by youth workers. This would be funded from the innovation reserve.

Fly tipping

Fly Tipping

An increase in the budget for Waste Disposal (Environment and Waste portfolio) to enable all Civic Amenity Sites once again to accept residents' DIY waste. This increase is to be funded from the Transformation Reserve in 2017/18 and thereafter added to the Medium Term Resources Strategy

If you agree that now is the time to provide the funding our public services so desperately need, sign our petition here;


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