Marconi ward on Chelmsford City Council

Jude Deakin

Jude has represented Marconi residents since 2007 and is consistently praised for the way she deals with a whole range of issues - parking, potholes, road safety, housing problems, litter, and dog fouling to name but some. She was honoured to have been Deputy Mayor in 2013/14. Jude's priorities now include:

  • Having opened up access to the West End via Broomfield Road, to insist the Council pay more attention to this neglected area, getting empty properties up to standard and put to good use
  • Set things in motion for a possible 20mph zone around our primary schools as many are suggesting. Watch out for the survey to ask your views.
  • As a Trustee of North Chelmsford Community Trust, to work for community uses on the St Peters site and elsewhere nearby.

01245 250464

Twitter: @judedeakin

Graham Pooley

Graham has been a Chelmsford Councillor for 14 of the last 20 years, and is a widely respected, sometimes angry, player in the Council's Housing and Development meetings, and champions residents' right to be heard on Planning matters. As well as condemning decisions being taken behind closed doors, and the Tories' hoarding reserves at the expense of improving local services, his priorities include:

  • fresh thinking to tackle the acute housing shortage - particularly the unaffordability for local young people and growing families
  • demanding that residents and your Councillors are part of finding the right solutions to the City's worsening traffic problems.
  • no more over-development without absolute guarantees that the needed infrastructure will be there to support it.

01245 351633 / 07940 576825

graham pooley