The best choice for Marconi Ward - byelection on 7th November

Smita Rajesh and Jude Deakin

Smita Rajesh and Jude Deakin

I am delighted to be working with Cllr Jude Deakin and the Lib Dem team on the issues that concern you in our part of Chelmsford. On the doorstep you've told us of your unhappiness with the way Conservatives have managed local services and how they often take votes for granted.

Time and time again we hear how unhappy residents are with the Conservative £14.5m overspend on the Riverside Leisure Centre, the poor state of local roads and footpaths and the county council ignoring warnings about the state of the Army and Navy flyover. We now have gridlock on a daily basis.

Last May residents voted Jude Deakin in as a councillor here in Marconi Ward. We now face an election to elect a second councillor. With your support on Thursday 7th November, I can be elected to work with Cllr Jude Deakin to stand up for you and your neighbours, and ensure your voices are heard.

Thank you

Smita Rajesh

About Smita Rajesh

Smita joined the Lib Dems to work with us to make a difference within the community. She is a governor at Hylands School, Trustee of the Chelmsford Hindu Society and Director of a charity set up to support Asian women authors and artists. She has also worked extensively with people with learning and physical disabilities. Smita brings a wealth of experience from many sectors,she is passionate about reducing social isolation, equality and diversity and a safer community for all.