Chelmsford council run by the Lib Dems means our city will be safer, greener and fairer

Police officer

Demand a safer Chelmsford

Gangs, drug-dealing and knife crime are on the rise. The Conservatives cut the number of Essex Police Constables by one third between 2010 and 2018 and 78% of the PCSOs, and slashed the youth service budget from £12 million to £2 million (which helps keep vulnerable young people away from gangs).

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Chelmsford Council under the Liberal Democrats will:

  • Address community safety and crime by investing in PCSOs and special constables, and work with the police and residents to grow Neighbourhood Watch
  • Look at whether better lighting and CCTV can improve safety in Chelmsford
  • Back plans such as anti-gang/knife talks in schools and lobby to reverse council cuts to the youth service budget

Chelmsford will be safer under the Liberal Democrats.

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demand a Greener chelmsford

Congestion in Chelmsford causes pollution and, currently, so do new houses. New development must enhance our local communities, not blight them. Homes must be sustainable, in the right places and with the right infrastructure.

Far too often Chelmsford Conservatives have let developers get away with not providing the right infrastructure on time, if at all.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Chelmsford Council under the Liberal Democrats will:

  • Address congestion on Chelmsford's roads with a third Park & Ride site to the west and work with Essex County Council (ECC) to improve, not cut, the service.
  • Work with ECC to deliver a comprehensive network of cycle paths, safe cycle facilities in and around the centre of Chelmsford, and deliver the new station. We will work with employers and other stakeholders to reduce journeys into and within Chelmsford.
  • Press for better bus services and well-maintained roads and pavements.
  • Enhance our public spaces by planting more trees.
  • Create a "green investment fund" to support initiatives such as electric car-charging points, car clubs and renewable energy. We will propose solar panels for land the Council owns and manages, cycle docking stations and repair centres. We will help householders (in existing houses) and developers of new build houses to reduce their carbon footprint to zero.
  • Enhance our rural environment and make more of the waterways in Chelmsford, including linking the canal and the River Chelmer, for the enjoyment of all.
  • Monitor ECC's management of highways within Chelmsford so they fix the issues with potholes and pavements that residents report to them. We will encourage them to reduce waste by repairing potholes properly at the first attempt.

Chelmsford will be greener under the Liberal Democrats.

Kingsway Extra Care Housing, Blackburn Homelessness (Woking Lib Dems)

demand a Fairer chelmsford - housing

Chelmsford has a housing crisis. Nearly 300 families are homeless (nearly 1000 people); too many people sleep rough on the streets every night; young people and families struggle to afford a home.

Chelmsford under the Conservatives has failed to meet its target for affordable homes in 14 of the last 15 years, and it wastes £millions a year of taxpayers' money on housing benefit and woefully unsuitable temporary accommodation.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Chelmsford Council under the Liberal Democrats will address:

  • Affordability: We will build more homes that are genuinely affordable, so our children can reasonably expect to live in homes of their own. We will work with developers and social landlords to meet the existing target for 35% of new developments to be affordable housing and deliver a fairer mix of properties.
  • Rough sleeping: We will work with all agencies and community groups who are supporting rough sleepers, to get them the wrap-around support and care that they need in order to leave the streets and get a secure home.
  • Homelessness: We will invest in better homes to cut the need for paying vast sums to private sector landlords every night. We will work with stakeholders such as homelessness charities to meet the real needs of people without homes.

Chelmsford will be fairer under the Liberal Democrats.

1.8 million more jobs (Stirling and Clacks Scottish Liberal Democrats) Shire Hall, Tindal Square, Chelmsford (Chelmsford Liberal Democrats)

demand a Fairer chelmsford - jobs and communities

High skill jobs

Chelmsford Council policy places too much emphasis on jobs in retail and not enough emphasis on creating high-skill, high-value jobs in Chelmsford. Thousands of Chelmsford residents have no choice but to commute to London and elsewhere every day.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Chelmsford Council under the Liberal Democrats will:

  • work to attract investment to Chelmsford to provide a more diverse range of jobs for our City
  • support apprenticeships at the council and promote these widely

Stronger communities

Isolation and loneliness are growing problems for young and old. Conservative cuts to the youth services and voluntary groups have undermined community cohesion.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Chelmsford Council under the Liberal Democrats will:

  • Empower local communities and bring people together, creating a fund to support local engagement and initiatives to reduce social isolation and create community cohesion.
  • Consider how the central urban area that does not have parish/community councils can be better served at the very local level.
  • Support stakeholders to run activities bringing communities together in local libraries or similar, turning them into active community hubs.
  • Bring back cultural events. Chelmsford has now lost both the V Festival and the Spectacular, which the Liberal Democrats created 30 years ago. The Council is nearly £½ million a year short as a result. We will work to find a way for our city to host events like these profitably.
  • Work with civic groups to promote arts and culture in Chelmsford. Shire Hall has stood empty for eight years while the Conservatives have refused imaginative proposals by community groups and others including for a long-awaited Art Gallery.

Chelmsford will be fairer under the Liberal Democrats.