Lib Dem Councillors & Campaigners in the Chelmsford area

Chelmsford Liberal Democrats are campaigning for every local resident to live, work and flourish in England's newest city.

They will work to make housing more affordable, tackle parking and congestion problems, and stop decisions being made behind closed doors.

Click here for the local Manifesto for the 2015 elections, and summaries here and here. See below for the local campaigners in your area.

For general queries about Chelmsford Liberal Democrats please email the constituency party secretary

Chelmsford Constituency Map

Chelmsford Central

Chelmsford North

Chelmsford West

Great Baddow/Galleywood



The 2017 Parliamentary Candidate for Chelmsford was Stephen Robinson.


Chair - Marie Goldman

Treasurer - Jennie Lardge

Agent - Ian Gale