Stephen Robinson's environment survey

Here is what Chelmsford people said in the recent environment survey:

  • 93%: too much plastic wrapping on food
  • 90%: spend money fixing our potholes, pavements and youth services not a pre-election council tax bribe
  • 88%: no to the houses on green fields north of Chelmsford
  • 84% back the Lib Dems on getting rid of plastic bags
  • 76%: not enough affordable housing being built in Chelmsford
  • 72%: council not doing enough to protect the environment
  • 68% back the Lib Dems on cutting income tax and increasing taxes on pollution
  • 66%: no to a second runway at Stansted
  • 64% support Lib Dem plans for three more park & rides to reduce town centre congestion
  • 64%: wave/wind/solar power is the best way forward for our energy needs
  • 59%: Conservatives not serious about tackling climate change
  • 54%: Government has a poor record on tackling climate change
  • 52% say better cycle routes and secure cycle parking would encourage them to use cars less
  • 52% say no to a road across the Chelmer valley from Broomfield
  • 50%: council not doing enough to keep the town centre clean
  • 45% say improve the Army & Navy junction by more park & rides and integrated cycle ways to reduce the number of cars (rather than a new flyover)

Download a PDF of the full survey results