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The environment in mid-Essex is under threat as never before - new houses, delayed recycling plans, road schemes, air pollution, Stansted expansion; nuclear power stations and waste incineration. If we don't cut global warming, the ice caps melt and Essex is under water!

Protecting the environment is central to Liberal Democrat policy. Global warming is the greatest challenge to our way of life that we face. We need Governments to lead nationally but there is plenty we can do locally to make a real difference.

In Government, the Lib Dems delivered on environmental issues.

If you support these aims, sign our petition.

For a wider range of policies to make Chelmsford greener, safer and fairer see our local election manifesto and a list of other local green links. The Lib Dems are the real green party in Chelmsford.

If you are interested in meeting like-minded people on a cross-party / non-party basis, come along to the monthly Green Drinks or find out about Chelmsford Transition Town campaign.

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Greener Chelmsford News

  • DacorumRecycling
    Article: Jul 26, 2019

    Yes, it's frustrating that different councils have different rules but that's in large part due to having to arrange external contracts at different times.

    You need to rinse dirty packaging, squash plastic bottles and, in Chelmsford at least, put the lids back on.

    More answers here:

  • Cllr. Jude Deakin and council staff use electric equipment in parks. (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Jul 24, 2019

    Chelmsford City Council is determined to go green and deliver on its pledge of 16 July 2019 to be carbon neutral by 2030. The Lib Dem led Council has just rolled out battery powered hedge trimmers and electric parks vehicles.

    Cllr. Jude Deakin and parks staff launched the new, electric equipment for our parks this week. See this video:

  • wind_turbine
    Article: Nov 19, 2015

    More pollution on the way, as the Conservative government announces cuts to green energy projects, which the Liberal Democrats delivered when they were in Government.

    The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, announced plans to cut back further on renewables and increase nuclear and gas. Decarbonisation has been down-graded in terms of priority.

  • Article: Oct 23, 2012

    A lucky Chelmsford resident has won a year's supply of teabags, enough to make over 1000 cups of tea, as part of a campaign run by Chelmsford City Council and consumer goods company Unilever.

    Tea lover, Elaine Finn-Davies of Purcell Cole, Writtle, was presented with the prize by Chelmsford Mayor Cllr Christopher Kingsley at a ceremony today, 23 October, alongside representatives from the City Council and Unilever.

  • Article: Aug 2, 2012

    Chelmsford City Council's Recycling and Waste Depot is holding an Open Day event on Saturday 8 September - providing a rare opportunity for residents to see how the recycling process works and learn more about waste collection services.

    There will be tours of the depot taking place and a chance to look around the collection vehicles. The Material Sorting Facility will be in full working action, which uses state-of-the-art technology to sort the recycling after it has been collected from Chelmsford homes.

  • Article: May 11, 2012

    Chelmsford Council is giving away free bags of compost in Hylands Park tomorrow, Saturday 12 May, 10am - 3pm for The giveaway will take place in Hylands Park, near the Writtle Road entrance.

    The giveaway uses compost made from recycled garden waste collected at the kerbside and at recycling centres, and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis with one large bag given to each household.

  • Article: Apr 12, 2012

    Chelmsford Council will improve its waste and recycling collections by collecting on four (longer) days a week instead of five. This means no delayed collections in weeks with a Bank Holiday Monday. Also, everyone will have recyclables and other waste collected on the same day, which is not the case for everyone at the moment.

  • Article: Mar 10, 2012

    Liberal Democrats have approved a motion strengthening the party's commitment to making this the greenest government ever.

    The motion welcomed the Coalition's Green Deal, Green Investment Bank and ambitious carbon reduction targets.

    It also called for improvements in energy efficiency and support for green infrastructure, transport and technologies.

    Commenting, Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey said:

    "The Liberal Democrats were campaigning for the environment long before it was fashionable.

    "This is the greatest challenge of our age and the Liberal Democrats will not back down in the fight against climate change.

    "Making this the greenest government ever won't be easy, but it is the right thing for Britain and the planet.

    "We are building a new economy from the rubble of the old, an economy with green jobs and green technologies at its heart."

  • building site
    Article: Feb 16, 2012

    A planning application for houses north and north-east of Springfield ("Greater Beaulieu Park") has been revised slightly. Two years ago ZEST Countryside Properties asked for "up to 4,000 houses" but now they have reduced this to "up to 3,600 houses".

    Commented Cllr. Stephen Robinson (who created the Don't Choke Chelmsford campaign): "The other application for well over 600 houses near Channels Golf Course means that developers are, in total, asking for vastly more than the 3,200 houses indicated in the North Chelmsford Area Action Plan, the council's strategic plan for the area.

  • Graham Pooley traffic congestion viewed from wing mirror
    Article: Feb 10, 2012

    Chelmsford Council has given planning permission for 135 houses in fields off Patching Hall Lane (see Committee Agenda). Local Lib Dem Councillors Stephen Robinson and Alan Arnot attended to speak up for local residents. Cllr. Robinson spoke out about a number of traffic concerns - in particular, the exit from Skerry Rise onto Broomfield Road and the Hollow Lane / Patching Hall Lane / School Lane junction.

Thu 21 Feb. 2008 - LD Leader Nick Clegg lists his steps to a greener lifestyle