Christine Rycroft

Chris has had the privilege of serving as a councillor for this area for almost 30 years. For eight years she has been leader of the Lib Dem opposition on the city council. She would like to achieve an acceptable replacement for Marrable House. Chris was proud to be Mayor in 2001/2.

chris rycroft

Veronica Sadowsky

Veronica served as a Borough Councillor between 1995-1999 before moving to Great Baddow. She has been a Great Baddow Parish Councillor since 2007 and currently chairs the Parish Hall Committee.

veronica sadowsky

Andrew Sosin

Andrew has been a parish councillor since 1991 and a Borough/City Councillor since 2003. As Lib Dem finance spokesman he has challenged the Tory budgets that have raised council tax by 9.6% and put £2.4 million into reserves.

andrew sosin