General Election - June 8th 2017

Vote Liberal Democrat

On 18th April, Theresa May announced that there would be a General Election on June 8th, 2017. The Liberal Democrats believe in an open, tolerant and united Britain completely at odds with Theresa May's hard Brexit. Therefore we see this as an opportunity to provide an effective opposition to the Conservative Government. Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said: "This shows it's not too late to prevent a divisive, hard Brexit. On 8th June, together we can change the direction of this country. The Liberal Democrats will be the real voice of opposition to this Conservative Brexit government."

But it is not just Brexit that will define this General Election. As Liberals, our views on issues such as health, education, the environment, housing, justice and civil liberties, constitutional reform, identity and equalities differ greatly from the current Conservative administration. We believe that every individual has a right to the best possible education, health care and employment opportunities enabling them to achieve their goals.

In Chelmsford, we have spent the last months preparing for the Essex County Council elections on 4th May. Until then we will be working even harder to make sure we achieve the best possible result. We have an opportunity to show the people of Chelmsford that the Liberal Democrats can win here and by voting for us you can send a message to this Conservative Brexit Government.

Stephen Robinson and Norman Lamb MP out canvassing

We are pleased to announce that Essex County and Chelmsford City Councillor, Stephen Robinson, has agreed to stand as our candidate. Stephen has a wealth of experience and in the 2010 General Election gained over 30% of the vote. We look forward to going one better this time and electing a Liberal Democrat MP for Chelmsford.