Liberal Democrats standing up for Chelmsford

Liberal Democrats don't get big cheques from trade unions or large companies, like other parties. We rely on local people like you making donations to pay for our campaigns.

  • Stephen Robinson was nearly elected as Chelmsford's MP in 2010; he can do it this time.
  • Lib Dems won more votes than Conservative in the Chelmsford constituency on 4th May 2017
  • Lib Dems are the ONLY opposition to the Conservatives on Chelmsford council, and the official opposition on Essex County Council

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Liberal Democrats standing up for Chelmsford

The Conservatives who run Chelmsford council are:

  • Choking Chelmsford with congestion and pressurising local services, because they are putting houses in the wrong place [more]
  • Stashing away £16 million in the council's bank account rather than spend it on local services [more]
  • Taking decisions behind closed doors [more]

We are also challenging the Conservatives' poor record of running Essex County Council. This includes:

  • Switching off street lights, rather than using low-cost LEDs [more]
  • £173 million on consultants and agency staff [more]
  • £472,000 on gagging former staff [more]
  • £6,900 on a bonus for the Chief Executive [more]
  • Allowing Lord Hanningfield to spend £287,000 on the council credit card [more]
  • Stashing £265 million away in the bank
all while cutting £360 million from local services.
Please donate to our campaigns whatever you can afford, so we can take on the Conservatives.
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