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Stephen Robinson is an active, local campaigner. As Leader of Chelmsford City Council, he heads up a team that is delivering a greener, fairer and more-connected Chelmsford.

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  • Viaduct over Central Park at sunset in Chelmsford (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Aug 7, 2022

    Seventeen of Chelmsford City Council's main parks across the city have been recognised by the Green Flag Award scheme for another year running as some of the best parks and green spaces in the UK.

    The prestigious flags can be found across Chelmsford in parks including Galleywood Common, Oaklands Park, Chelmer Valley Nature Reserve and more.

  • money
    Article: Jul 14, 2022

    Inflation has significantly increased Chelmsford City Council's budget gap, according to a new projection. The latest forecast of council finances estimates a shortfall of £4.2 million for 2023/24 - much higher than the deficit of £1.7 million expected as recently as last February.

    The Council's Cabinet noted on Tuesday the updated forecast, and Full Council will decide on 20 July whether to allow some of the council's rainy day savings reserves to be used to bring down the gap to around £3.2 million.

  • chelmsford town sign
    Article: Jul 12, 2022

    Chelmsford City Council will give a higher priority to action on climate change, affordable housing and community facilities in an upcoming review of its Local Plan. This change of priorities is driven by the Liberal Democrats, who want to address the failings of the current Local Plan, written by the previous Conservative leadership of the City Council.

  • homeless belongings in doorway
    Article: Jun 21, 2022
    In Chelmsford City Life

    A new city-wide initiative has been launched to make it easier for anyone sleeping rough to get help in Chelmsford.

    Street Support is an established, national scheme running throughout the UK. Cities taking part create a bespoke directory of local homelessness and support services. Now, for the first time, there's a dedicated Street Support website and app for Chelmsford.

  • Children eating a school lunch
    Article: Jun 7, 2022

    The government has slashed funding for free school meals for 4-7 year olds in Essex, Southend and Thurrock by £1.5 million in real terms, shocking new figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats have revealed.

    The party said it is another example of the Conservatives "short-changing our children."

    Children in the Essex County Council area have lost the equivalent of £1,171,603 - more than any other area in the country. Those in Thurrock have lost £154,583 and Southend-on-Sea £138,555.

  • FamilywithBaby
    Article: Mar 4, 2022

    We have a housing crisis in Chelmsford and too many families cannot get the home they need. That was the declaration made by the Lib Dem majority at the recent full meeting of the City Council (but the Conservatives didn't support it).

    A motion moved by Councillor Chris Davidson, Cabinet Member for Fairer Chelmsford, said, "The housing charity Shelter says, 'We live in a country that is feeling the effects of 40 years of failure in housing policy' and believes there are 'six million households whose right to a home is either denied or under threat - that is 9% of the UK population.'

  • £5.80 LFT
    Article: Feb 27, 2022

    Scrapping Covid lateral flow tests will slap Chelmsford residents with a £7 million "tax on caring," with around 14,346 people facing costs of over £500 a year to take regular tests and visit vulnerable relatives, Liberal Democrats have warned.

    Despite the easing of Covid restrictions, the latest figures show that every week an estimated 14,346 people in the Chelmsford City Council area take regular Covid tests, with 25,412 tests being taken in an average week. This includes people who take tests to protect their elderly relatives and friends, or vulnerable workers who work in people-facing industries such as hospitality and are concerned about their health.

  • Budget
    Article: Feb 23, 2022

    Chelmsford City Council has approved a budget for 2022-23. The plans from the Lib Dem-led Council aim to maintain essential services and protect vulnerable residents, as well as taking action on climate change, affordable homes and a more-connected city, as promised in the Council's "Our Chelmsford, Our Plan".

  • money coins
    Article: Jan 31, 2022
    In Chelmsford City Life

    Businesses in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors can now apply for a one-off grant of up to £6,000 from Chelmsford City Council.

    Commented Lib Dem Leader, Stephen Robinson, "This is part of the £1 billion business support package announced by the government last December. Named the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant, it will offer vital support for local businesses impacted by the Omicron variant.

  • Our Chelmsford Our Plan cover image
    Article: Jan 30, 2022

    Two years after adopting "Our Chelmsford, Our Plan", the City Council has reported on progress towards a greener, fairer and more-connected Chelmsford.

    Commented Leader of the Council, Lib Dem Stephen Robinson, "When we took on the leadership of Chelmsford in 2019, we promised real action on climate change, affordable housing and stronger communities. We brought "Our Chelmsford, Our Plan" to full Council, to set targets for the council in all these areas, plus supporting the vulnerable, making sure our city is a safe and pleasant place to live, and helping people to be active.

  • Grant applications folder (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Jan 19, 2022

    Chelmsford City Council has announced its latest round of grants for the hospitality and leisure industry, and the Lib Dem-led Council has announced a further round of special grants to provide FREE membership of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

    Said Council Leader Stephen Robinson, "We know that many local businesses have been really struggling over the last two years and the City Council is doing what it can to help. The Council is also developing a partnership with the five other District Councils in north Essex to pool resources to help more businesses."

    Article: Jan 17, 2022

    The Government is being urged to back a National Landlord Register as part of the Renters' Reform Bill. Chelmsford Council's Leader, Lib Dem Stephen Robinson, has written to Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove.

    Cllr. Robinson said, "You don't need reminding that we are in the middle of a housing crisis, with supply not meeting anything like the demand. In the private rented sector, sadly, this often means poor quality housing at sky-high prices and exploitation of tenants. Please help local Councils to do more to address this problem."

  • Covid 19 paraphenalia
    Article: Jan 5, 2022

    Cllr Stephen Robinson (council leader) and Cllr Rose Moore (cabinet member for greener & safer Chelmsford) have released a message in which they talk about booster vaccines, masks, and the exhaustion everyone is feeling at this stage of the pandemic. Watch the video here:

  • bedroom in a hostel for people who are homeless (CHESS homeless)
    Article: Jan 4, 2022
    In Chelmsford City Life

    New accommodation for people who are homeless is now available in Chelmsford. Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council has worked with local charity CHESS Homeless so that they can increase their total of bedspaces from 32 to 66 (62 of these bedspaces are in Chelmsford).

    Cllr. Stephen Robinson, Leader of Chelmsford City Council said, "The City Council is committed to preventing homelessness, supporting those who are homeless and working to end rough sleeping. We provide homeless households with housing and also support to permanently change their lives for the better. No-one needs to be sleeping rough in Chelmsford."

  • clegg_jobs
    Article: Dec 16, 2021

    New analysis from the cross-party East of England Local Government Association (EELGA) shows that Essex and the wider East region has missed out on key Government funding.

    EELGA represents all 50 local authorities across the East and they wrote to HM Treasury prior to the Chancellor's Autumn Budget, outlining five key priorities for the region and making the case for further investment into the region's diverse communities.

  • Single bed
    Article: Nov 21, 2021

    This winter, people who are facing the prospect of sleeping rough in Chelmsford will have more help available to them than ever, with an array of support offered by members of the city's Homelessness Forums.

    The single person's Homelessness Forum was formed by the Lib Dem-led city council in 2020, with a Families' Forum now also underway.

  • Housing Liberal Democrats
    Article: Nov 19, 2021

    Chelmsford Garden Community is set to be the greenest neighbourhood in Chelmsford. An agreement has just been signed to deliver around 80 homes as Net Zero Carbon-ready.

    Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council, developers Countryside Zest and the Government's housing agency, Homes England, have agreed the funding of the first stage of work for a significant phase of the Chelmsford Garden Community to meet the Government's emerging Future Homes Standard.

  • key_pollution
    Article: Nov 16, 2021

    Hundreds of local councillors from across the country have called on the Government to give more power to local councils, to help them tackle climate change. Chelmsford Liberal Democrat Leader Stephen Robinson was one of many Councillors who wrote to the Prime Minister during the COP26 climate change summit.

  • homeless sleeping bag
    Article: Nov 4, 2021

    A project to help homeless young people has been launched by Chelmsford City Council, in partnership with the national youth homelessness charity Depaul UK, (and Essex CC and Colchester Borough Homes). They have launched 'Nightstop Essex' and are urgently looking for local volunteers with a spare room in their house to support the initiative, particularly in Chelmsford.

  • Impression of proposed bridge over River Chelmer (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Oct 29, 2021

    Guidance that will shape the development of a new, sustainable neighbourhood at Chelmer Waterside has been approved by Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council's Cabinet.

    A document called the "Chelmer Waterside Development Framework" was discussed and approved at the Council's Cabinet meeting (Item7) on 12 October.

  • CCTV camera
    Article: Oct 25, 2021

    A range of projects to make Chelmsford's streets safer for all - but particularly women and girls - will be going ahead. Funding of £550,000 has been secured by Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council. The funding will be used for a mix of 16 infrastructure and education projects which will be set in motion over the autumn and winter to create a safer Chelmsford.

  • Cllr Douglas McCall Potholes
    Article: Oct 12, 2021

    There is no reference to road repairs in Essex County Council's new strategic plan. The Lib Dem Group on Essex CC drew attention to this omission at the Full Council meeting today, 12th October.

    The new Council Leader tabled a plan with 20 strategic objectives and a list of 74 performance measures. Lib Dem Cllr. Stephen Robinson (Chelmsford North) pointed out that not one of them refers to road repairs, despite 72% of the population saying it was their key concern for the Council in a survey earlier this year.

  • new houses
    Article: Oct 8, 2021
    By Chelmsford City Council

    Accommodation to stop ex-offenders from living on the streets when they are released from prison has been secured for Chelmsford. The Lib Dem-led City Council and two other agencies working in Chelmsford have secured £100,000 for this work.

    Prisoners who are released without homes to go to after serving their time can end up sleeping in public places, spiralling quickly into difficulties and - in some cases - falling back into offending.

  • World on fire climate change 2
    Article: Sep 28, 2021

    Climate change will have a huge impact on all our lives in the years ahead. If we are to stand any chance of limiting the impact, local Councils must have all powers necessary to act.

    That's the call made by Liberal Democrat Council Leaders, including Chelmsford's Stephen Robinson, in a letter to the Prime Minister. The Lib Dems have called on the PM to allow local government to be mentioned in any declaration agreed at the international climate summit - COP 26 - in November.

  • Afghanistan
    Article: Aug 28, 2021

    Many councils have told the Government that they are happy to welcome Afghans to the UK, but the Government must fully-fund the costs of relocating. Chelmsford Council Leader Stephen Robinson has written a letter, signed by other Lib Dem Council Leaders, to the Minister for Local Government

    The letter reminds the Minister of the housing crisis in most parts of the country, and how benefit levels don't meet actual rent costs. So the Government must cover these additional costs plus the costs to councils of helping to support these new residents.

  • Knife Angel
    Article: Aug 26, 2021

    Chelmsford is celebrating positive youth culture and taking a stand against knife crime. The national monument to knife violence comes to Chelmsford's Central Park on 6th September 2021 and a youth award scheme has been launched.

    Commented Chelmsford Lib Dem Leader Stephen Robinson, "As part of our aim to deliver a safer Chelmsford, my Lib Dem colleagues have worked hard to secure support to bring the Knife Angel sculpture to Chelmsford.

  • Appeal for help for Afghans
    Article: Aug 24, 2021

    Chelmsford has welcomed five families who have escaped the chaos in Afghanistan. They are sponsored by the UK Government, as part of the project to relocate people who have worked to help keep British troops safe.

    Said Lib Dem Leader of Chelmsford City Council, Stephen Robinson, "I am happy to welcome these new families and I've been overwhelmed by the kind offers of support from residents of Chelmsford. The staff at their temporary location have been fantastic in providing all food and other essentials. The Red Cross emergency response team have been on site supporting them.

  • Chelmsford City Council Housing Strategy (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Jul 25, 2021

    A plan has been announced that will deliver additional units of genuinely-affordable homes in Chelmsford, by the Lib Dem-led City Council. A draft Housing Strategy is now out for consultation, as part of the Liberal Democrat ambition to deliver a fairer Chelmsford.

    The draft Housing Strategy 2021-2026 seeks to address the gaps, where the "Chelmsford Local Plan 2020-2036" will not deliver enough, genuinely-affordable homes, to address the housing crisis in Chelmsford. This Housing Strategy is about what the City Council will deliver working with partners. In particular,

  • Woman walking down a street - back view
    Article: Jul 22, 2021

    A call for real action in Essex (especially in schools) to combat violence against women and girls has been rejected. Essex Lib Dems tabled a motion at the County Council meeting on 13 July. The Conservatives pushed through an amendment that patted themselves on the back for (limited) actions to date, added vague generalities and removed all the action points that would affect education.

  • Churned up grass verge
    Article: Jul 1, 2021
    Action on various highway items in north Chelmsford have been announced, following a recent meeting of the Essex Highways Panel for Chelmsford. Cllr. Stephen Robinson has been pressing for action for some time.
    Thames Ave, Clyde Cres and Cherwell Drive - grasscrete" to create new parking bays; Essex Highways hope to carry out the work in the October-December period.

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