Rose Moore 2
  • City Councillor for Chelmer Village & Beaulieu Park
  • Cabinet Member for a Greener and Safer Chelmsford
  • Member of the Waterways Working Group
  • Member of Essex Waste Partnership Board
  • Committee member - Employment Committee, Local Joint Staff Committee
  • Springfield Parish Councillor (Chelmer Village & Beaulieu Park)

I have lived in Chelmer Village with my husband and son since 2006. We also share our lives with a retired greyhound, Toby-Wan Kenobi - our gentle giant.

I've been a freelance music editor since 1998. That involves working closely with composers and publishers to be sure everything makes sense for the conductor/director and performers, and that the scores and parts are delivered on time for rehearsals and performance. It's a wide-ranging palette of sound, from lone voice to 3-act ballet and everything in between! Being at the birth of a new work is a unique experience - months of near-silent isolation at the desk bloom into life onstage! It's truly a wonderful feeling to be part of that.

Political Driveā€¦

I am passionate about the natural environment, its protection and restoration, boosting biodiversity and increasing understanding of our interconnectivity, both as fellow humans and other carbon-based life forms! We have a duty of care, to the local environment, to all people (including the billions we'll never get to meet) and to this whole, wondrous planet. We've done terrible harm; the evidence is clear and indisputable. It's time to act and make amends.

After we took control of Chelmsford City Council in May 2019, we declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency - something the previous Administration had refused to do. Our Climate Action Plan was formally approved in January 2020, meaning that we can continue to make the positive changes so desperately needed. I am very proud to be a member of the Lib Dem team and serve as a local councillor.

Back Story...

I grew up in Black Notley near Braintree and attended Chelmsford County High School for Girls where I developed my passions for Music, Art and Languages. From the age of 14 I played bassoon with the Essex Youth Orchestra & Wind Band and for all manner of chamber ensembles, amateur opera groups and choral societies - immersed in music and performance throughout my teens. I went on to read Music at Goldsmiths College, graduating in 1995 with a BMus (I) and MMus in Composition.

I spent much of the 1990's immersed in music - writing, conducting and arranging, playing in bands, recording and touring. In 1996 I moved back to Essex and lectured in Performing Arts at Braintree College (BTEC/BNDPA) which was challenging but hugely rewarding. The energy and creativity of young people continues to inspire and compel me to action!

The opportunity to work with visual artists, writers, dancers and film makers has reinforced my faith in the unique value of creative and performing arts, which have come under threat of extinction from a government that fundamentally misunderstands their central role in socieity and, especially, within our education system. Creative subjects are vital to our learning and growth. They bring us together in a shared space and time, lead us to question ourselves and each other, deepen understanding. They reflect the fundamentals of Community.

In fact, in sitting down to write this now, I realise that collaborative nature of learning has been key to my engagement with political, social and environmental issues; the reason I stood for election.

Rose Moore and Darren Moorcroft
Rose and Stephen Rose's dog