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Marie Goldman in Oaklands Park, Chelmsford

Moulsham and Central

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Marie is Deputy Leader of Chelmsford City Council and ward councillor for Moulsham & Central, in the heart of the city. She has lived in Chelmsford since 2003 and has two children with her husband, Simon.

With a background in management consulting, Marie is a director of various small businesses, including a start-up company that uses cutting-edge technology to tackle the scourge of ticket touting for live events.

Although she has always taken a keen interest in current affairs, Marie says that she never considered a career in politics until she got involved with the Liberal Democrats after the 2016 EU Referendum.

As an internationalist who spent a lot of her young adulthood living in other countries around the world, Marie believes passionately in the importance of international cooperation and cultural exchange. Marie says, "Only by having the opportunity to visit other countries - to live, work and even fall in love with people from different backgrounds - can we truly hope to build a safe, peaceful and better future for our children".

She believes that the best way to resolve Brexit is to go back to the people in a People's Vote, but that if that option isn't available, she fully supports the Lib Dem position to revoke Article 50 if a Lib Dem majority government is elected in a General Election.

Marie also says she is increasingly concerned by the lack of concrete action on climate change. As a Cabinet member of the new administration at Chelmsford City Council, she is pleased to have been able to declare a climate and ecology crisis, but knows that action by councils and individuals alone will not be enough.

Marie says, "We need wholescale change at an international level to avoid going above a planet-changing temperature rise of two degrees. We can only hope to achieve that by working hand in hand with other countries - with the UK showing leadership, not the brinkmanship that has been all too common in recent times".

Marie says she would be deeply honoured to represent the people of Chelmsford in the House of Commons.

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Recent news about Marie Goldman

  • Ballot box
    Article: Dec 13, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats in Chelmsford saw their vote share more than double in yesterday's election, as they were reconfirmed as the main challenger to the Conservatives.

    • Conservative 55% - up 2%
    • Lib Dem 25% - up 13%
    • Labour 18% - down 12%

    Commented Candidate Marie Goldman, "I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone in Chelmsford who placed their trust in me and the Lib Dems yesterday by voting for us. Some people are long-time liberal voters, some were just lending us their vote, and some had switched to vote for us from another party for the very first time.

  • Marie Goldman by a lake
    Article: Dec 6, 2019

    Chelmsford is already safer, greener, fairer and better connected with a Liberal Democrat-led council, but could do so much more with Marie Goldman as Chelmsford's MP.

    Lib Dem MPs will:
    • press for national action on the climate emergency. Lib Dems have already started to make Chelmsford Safer and Greener:
    • stand up for public services, including NHS, schools and affordable housing. Lib Dems have already started to make Chelmsford Fairer:
  • ARU Students' Union
    Article: Dec 3, 2019
    By Marie Goldman

    A big thank you to Anglia Ruskin University and CTiC for hosting and moderating this evening's Chelmsford hustings.

    Thank you to everyone who came along. Some lively debate and great questions from the audience (I must find out more about what's going on with the 42 bus!).

    The event was streamed live, but if you missed it, you can catch up here:

  • Marie Goldman in Oaklands Park, Chelmsford
    Article: Dec 1, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats want to draw a line under Brexit and start talking about the things that really matter to our community. See this video.

    On 12th December, vote for Lib Dem Marie Goldman - vote for a brighter future for Chelmsford.

  • Ambulance
    Article: Nov 27, 2019

    Only 77.4% of patients arriving at A&E in Chelmsford were treated or admitted within four hours in October 2019, according to damning figures published by NHS England.

    This is well below the official target of 95% of patients attending A&E being admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours.

    Nationally, the 95% waiting target hasn't been met since July 2015. Only 83.6% of patients arriving at A&E across England were treated or admitted in four hours in October, the worst-ever performance since a target was introduced in 2004.

    Liberal Democrat candidate for Chelmsford Marie Goldman said:

    "It is shameful that patients in Chelmsford are being abandoned, be it waiting for hours for treatment in A&E or for months in pain for routine operations.

    "These figures reveal the Conservatives' dismal record on the NHS. For the past four years they have utterly failed to invest properly in our health service, leaving local hospitals underfunded, overstretched and understaffed.

    "Their extreme Brexit would make a dismal situation worse by driving away the EU nurses the NHS desperately needs.

    "The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and build a brighter future. We will invest an extra £35 billion in our NHS through a penny on income tax and develop a national recruitment strategy to ensure we never again suffer shortages of nurses, doctors and other health professionals."

  • Linda Mascot and Tom Willis campaigning GE2019
    Article: Nov 27, 2019

    With the election campaign in full swing, the Lib Dems have teams out across Chelmsford. Linda Mascot and Tom Willis (Councillors for Goat Hall ward) were out on the campaign trail in south Chelmsford.

    Said Parliamentary Candidate Marie Goldman, "Thank you to everyone who has given us a lovely response on the doorstep - especially to those who have opened their doors to us in the dark and the cold!"

  • Save our Libraries Protesters
    Article: Nov 24, 2019
    By Marie Goldman

    Fewer than 3 weeks left and the General Election Campaign is getting busier and busier.

    On Saturday, I was out talking to voters on the doorstep for most of the day, but took a break at lunchtime to stop by the Save Our Libraries Essex - SOLE demonstration in Chelmsford High Street.

    On Sunday morning, I went up to Cambridge to take part in BBC Sunday Politics East. You can catch up with it here: Sunday Politics East, 24/11/2019:

  • Alistair Carmichael MP
    Article: Nov 19, 2019

    Alistair Carmichael may be the Lib Dem Chief Whip in the House of Commons, but he's also a brilliant MP (currently a candidate, of course) for Orkney and Shetland. He came to Chelmsford earlier this year to support the winning local election campaign and now he is backing Marie Goldman's campaign in Chelmsford. Check out the video here - the backdrop is great!

  • solar panel, green energy, rooftop solar
    Article: Nov 18, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats campaigned in the local elections to make Chelmsford Greener, Safer, Fairer and Better Connected. Below are some of the many policy changes and actions that your Liberal Democrat-led City Council has undertaken.

    Making Chelmsford Greener and Safer

    • Declared a Climate and Ecology Emergency in Chelmsford and committed the Council to being carbon neutral by 2030

    • 100% of electricity for the council now comes from renewable sources.

    • Agree to only use Fair Trade / Rain Forest Alliance products on Civic centre site.

    • Reduce single-use plastics and eliminate entirely from the Civic Centre site.

    • Green vehicles - replacing park vehicles with two electric powered alternatives already in use and two more later this year.

    • Green travel - encouraging staff and Councillors to cycle to work by providing new cycle stands, lockers and shelters at the Civic Centre.

    • Protect vital green space in Chelmsford by removing John Shennan playing fields from the draft local plan

    • Encourage sustainable transport by progressing plans for a new station, working with Essex County Council on the successful Housing Infrastructure Fund bid.

    • Gaining Garden Village Status for the future development in N.E. Chelmsford; an additional £150,000 funding was awarded for this financial year.

    • £500,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money devolved to neighbourhood CIL so that many local projects in the central, non-parished urban area can be funded to go ahead.

    • Encouraging electric car take up with electric charging points. Two installed in Chelmsford City Council Car parks with another six being installed by the end of the year all at no cost to the council.

    • Promoted health and wellbeing in new development through the design and launch of the new Live Well Development Accreditation Scheme.

    • Start saving the council money and reducing vandalism in car parks by installing cashless parking machines on a phased basis, programmed to start next year.

    • Address public concerns about badly parked vehicles with two more parking enforcement officers for Chelmsford in the second half of the year.

    • Free advice sessions for start-up businesses by joint working between the City Council and COLBEA, a business support organisation from Colchester.

    • Inspire young people to explore high-tech / vocational career opportunities by hosting the first Skills Festival at Hylands Park in July. Some 400 Year 8 students from two Chelmsford schools took part in work activities provided by many local businesses ranging from virtual reality engineering, to being a DJ, designing a town and working in media

    • Promote high-tech manufacturing by creating the Chelmsford Tech Ambassadors group, bringing together many Chelmsford tech businesses to explore ways to grow this sector of the local economy.

  • Tactical voting
    Article: Nov 7, 2019
    By Marie Goldman

    I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Green Party for setting aside tribal politics and standing aside in favour of me and the Lib Dems in Chelmsford. I am aware of the enormous responsibility that we all have to tackle the climate emergency and other issues that the Greens and the Lib Dems agree on.