Cllr Marie Goldman

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Marie Goldman

Moulsham and Central

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What inspired you to join the Liberal Democrats?

I joined just before the 2015 General Election. The Lib Dems implemented many positive policies as part of the coalition government - in particular cutting income tax, creating the pupil premium and the plastic bag charge - and I wanted to show my support for them. However, my involvement was limited to membership until just after the EU Referendum. I was upset by the result, because I believe passionately that, while the EU isn't perfect, we benefit from it enormously and are far better in it that out of it. I also realised that I could no longer sit by and watch the other parties run our country down.

a fresh face with fresh ideas

As I am fairly new to politics, I can look at things with fresh eyes and a much-needed new perspective. I am not one to be easily bogged down in doing things the same way just because that's how they've always been done. Using my business experience, I am pretty quick at understanding complex problems and asking probing questions to ensure that solutions are fit for purpose.


I'm a freelance management consultant with over 16 years of experience working with businesses and organisations of all sizes. I specialise in analysing business processes and translating them into IT systems that can help organisations become more efficient and effective. I also run some other small businesses, supplying products to the construction industry, with my husband. I live in Old Moulsham with my family and I was previously a school governor for four years.

What would be your aims if elected?

If I am elected, I would use my skills, experience and tenacity to try to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. In times where most of us are having to keep a close watch on our budgets, I think it is crucial that the council and Government spends tax wisely; looks at the big picture, and scrutinises services to check that they performing as well as can be.

For example, we all know that our doctors and nurses work extremely hard in very difficult circumstances, but I wonder if the council is doing enough to support them by scrutinising the so-called transformation plans that are being put in place?

Recent news about Marie Goldman

  • Marie Goldman and Stephen Robinson
    Article: Jun 17, 2019

    The Lib Dems took control of Chelmsford Council on 22nd May. Stephen Robinson was elected Leader of the Council and Marie Goldman Deputy Leader. The Lib Dem Group made proposals to reform the Cabinet structure to reflect Lib Dem priorities, as set out in the election manifesto.

    The new Cabinet posts are:

  • Marie Goldman
    Article: Feb 4, 2019
    By Marie Goldman, Parliamentary Candidate for Chelmsford in Essex Chronicle Series
    Please, please, please - can we talk about something other than Brexit?
    Switch on the TV, turn on the radio, flick through a paper and it's the only news there seems to be. If you were an alien landing in the UK on your first visit to Earth, you might be forgiven for thinking there's nothing else to worry about. But of course, you'd be wrong.
  • Marie Goldman
    Article: Jan 10, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have kicked off 2019 raring to go and are the first political party in Chelmsford to announce their candidate for the next General Election, whenever it comes.

    Party members have chosen Marie Goldman, who lives and works in the centre of the constituency.

    Said Marie Goldman, "I'm thrilled and honoured to be selected by the Liberal Democrats in my home constituency of Chelmsford.

  • Army & Navy flyover support column with rust
    Article: Sep 17, 2018

    Essex County Council has finally agreed to a full review of the notorious Army & Navy roundabout. Last week, in a dramatic about face, they closed the flyover indefinitely, after Chelmsford Liberal Democrats published a video showing that the structure was more damaged than the Council had admitted. One of the support columns appears to have moved, since the flyover was closed in August. Local campaigner Marie Goldman interviews Cllr. Mark Springett in the video here.