Support private sector renters, say Chelmsford Lib Dems

January 17, 2022 6:19 PM Government is being urged to back a National Landlord Register as part of the Renters' Reform Bill. Chelmsford Council's Leader, Lib Dem Stephen Robinson, has written to Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove.

Cllr. Robinson said, "You don't need reminding that we are in the middle of a housing crisis, with supply not meeting anything like the demand. In the private rented sector, sadly, this often means poor quality housing at sky-high prices and exploitation of tenants. Please help local Councils to do more to address this problem."

Recent Shelter research showed that 45% of private renters have been victims of illegal acts by their landlord or letting agent.

A National Landlord Register could help professionalise the private rented sector - and crack down on landlords who flout the law. It will also save Council enforcement teams a huge amount of time and resource.

A National Landlord Register would mean renters would be able to:

1. Know who their landlord is

2. Check essential safety information has been completed for the property

3. Be confident that landlords follow the rules and can be held accountable