We need a green recovery plan

July 28, 2021 10:01 AM

A green recovery planBritain must lead the way by acting now to protect our natural environment, clean up our air and cut our carbon emissions.

We really can't wait for the Govt to get their act together. We need a national climate action plan NOW - to complement the work we are already doing in places like Chelmsford. (See the Chelmsford City Council Climate Action Plan.)

There's less than 100 days until COP26.

That's a huge climate summit attended by leaders from across the globe, hosted right here in the UK. It's a chance for the UK to show real leadership in tackling the climate crisis - but Boris Johnson won't take it seriously.

We're sick of years of Conservative complacency on the climate. So back the Lib Dems' green recovery plan.

This year alone, the Tories bungled and then scrapped the Green Homes Grant, making heating our homes more pricey and fuel poverty a greater risk. Not only that, they've slashed grants for electric vehicles. That's kept them prohibitively expensive for too many British people.

The Lib Dems green recovery plan is what a climate crisis response should look like. It contains provisions to:

  • Save our countryside
  • Green every home
  • Clean up our air
  • Revolutionise British transport
  • Kickstart the switch to green energy

Back the Lib Dems' green recovery plan now.