Fix Chelmsford's Roads and Pavements

April 29, 2021 12:22 PM
Stephen Robinson and large pothole

Essex County Council says fixing this pothole isn't a high priority

Roads and pavement repairs need a radical overhaul. Too many people risk injury and discomfort because of the way Conservative-run Essex County Council manages our highways.

Lib Dems have long campaigned for action to repair roads and pavements. They voted to amend the budget to invest more in pavement repairs. However, the Conservatives instead voted to CUT the maintenance budget by £2.5 million for 2021-22.

County Councillor Stephen Robinson said, "I am hugely frustrated that the repairs budget is often wasted. There are dangerous trip hazards on many local pavements with little hope that they will be repaired.

"Meanwhile money is wasted on doing half a job, on poor quality repairs that need doing again and on work that isn't as urgent as other roads.

"Our Conservative-run County Council have wasted money and let roads deteriorate for too long. We need urgent action to fix these Conservative mistakes and fix our roads."