Parks staff stretched clearing excess litter in Chelmsford

April 8, 2021 1:28 PM
Sackfuls of litter in large bins

Just two days' worth of waste collected in Chelmsford's Central Park - Good Friday 2021

Chelmsford City Council has had to pick up vastly more litter than normal over the last year. Councillors have urged residents to please look after our City and put it in the bins - on the streets or at home.

All bins in Chelmsford's key park locations are emptied daily, including over the Easter bank holiday period.

The photo shows just two days' worth of waste collected in Central Park - taken on Good Friday 2021. An estimated 65% of this is LITTER, i.e. collected from the ground and vegetation, not from bins.

City Council's Parks staff are allocated a normal daily average of 2 hours to empty bins and collect litter; the remainder of their time should be dedicated to gardening and other ground-care duties. At present, they spend the majority of the day clearing litter and emptying bins.

Cabinet Member for Greener & Safer Chelmsford Cllr. Rose Moore said, "It follows that parks staff are deployed on additional time to achieve this level of coverage. We are at capacity. Something else has to change. People need to take responsibility for their waste, and take it home if there's no room in public bins.

"On a positive note, there's a growing community of volunteers who, with the aid of Love Your Chelmsford loaned litter-picking kits, do a fantastic job in keeping our parks and open spaces clear of litter, and safe for visitors and our resident wildlife.

"With non-essential retail and other services re-opening from 12th April, let's hope the intensity of park use (or misuse) eases to more manageable levels."