How should Chelmsford City Council fund the £m Covid shortfall?

February 18, 2021 3:11 PM

Cash (Telegraph)Chelmsford City Council projected a shortfall of £7.55 million for 2021-22, having also lost £16.5m from normal income in 2020-21. The Government promised last April 'full support', but instead left the Council £5m short. All other councils are in a similar position.

So Chelmsford Council must cut costs and find income to legally balance the books. One of these tough choices to bring in new income is parking charges at Hylands Park. Which is a better choice than cutting key services (such as closing down the museum or the theatre, or not running holiday events for children) or charging for collecting brown bins or collecting extra bins or clinical waste (as some other councils have). All of these would have had a negative impact on residents.

Said Lib Dem leader Stephen Robinson, "It is unfair that the net cost of Hylands park and house falls on Chelmsford Council Taxpayers. Car park charges will ensure that people driving from outside the district pay directly towards the park. The Covid shortfalls mean we have to make difficult decisions."

If you think the Government should stick to their promises to cover ALL Covid losses, sign our petition.