Action on holiday hunger in Chelmsford, as Government fails to act

October 24, 2020 3:55 PM

Fresh food with a caption that says: Chelmsford City Council will use emergency funds over this week's half term holiday, to address holiday hunger among vulnerable children. The Council is stepping in because of the Government's failure to act.

Many amazing businesses and voluntary groups in Chelmsford have already stepped up and promised to help. Liberal Democrat-led Chelmsford City Council will work with them to ensure our community supports vulnerable children.

The Deputy Leader of Chelmsford City Council, Cllr Marie Goldman, has already been in touch with the Chelmsford Business Improvement District (BID), which links up local companies who are offering to help. The Council aims to work with the BID and other groups in the coming days.

Commented Lib Dem Leader of Chelmsford Council, Stephen Robinson, "We cannot stand by and watch while the Conservative Government abandons those in need. I am so proud of the amazing local groups that are pledging their support. The City Council wants to work with them to ensure as many vulnerable children as possible are supported.

"Hundreds of families across the District have seen their income reduce, or vanish completely, during this pandemic. People who never expected to claim benefits have been left struggling by this Government's failure.

"We can only use our emergency reserve once and this is an ongoing, national crisis that MUST be solved by the Government. Well before the Christmas holidays, the Government must help struggling families with three actions:

  1. Extend eligibility for free school meals to every pupil in primary and secondary school, whose parents or guardians are in receipt of Universal Credit
  2. Provide food vouchers for every one of those pupils in every school holiday
  3. Provide food vouchers for every one of those pupils during any period of lockdown

If you agree, sign our petition here: "

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on the issue of child hunger. It will not go away when we finally beat this virus. We need the Government to commit to practical and long-term measures, to stop any child going hungry, on any day of the year.

To donate food or money to the Chelmsford Foodbank go here: