Affordable homes, open spaces, schools and GPs improved by Lib Dem led Chelmsford City Council

September 18, 2020 10:16 AM

Adeyfield Adventure Playground 3Quarter PosterizeA wide range of community improvements costing £10.2 million can now go ahead, following a vote of the Lib Dem led Chelmsford City Council's Cabinet on 8 September 2020.

The following projects will benefit from the funding:

  • Affordable housing initiatives, including the infrastructure at Chelmer Waterside to maximise housing delivery
  • 28 projects for improvements and investments across the city's parks, green spaces and strategic sports facilities
  • Tindal Square pedestrianisation
  • Beaulieu Secondary School
  • A range of GP surgery improvements

These will be delivered by the City Council, Essex County Council and partner organisations.

The spending plan uses funds that the Council has collected over many years from developers in its area, under what are known as "Section 106 agreements". The purpose of that funding is to mitigate the impact of new development and deliver new infrastructure as the city grows.

The projects must meet the identified purpose set out in the S106 agreement across a series of categories such as health, education, green spaces and affordable housing.

Councillor Mike Mackrory, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development, hopes the endorsement of the S106 spending plan will lead to many improvements in the city.

"The money will be spent on a number of projects which will benefit many of Chelmsford's communities. It ensures development in the city creates positive investments which can be enjoyed and used by the people that live and work in the area."

The £10.2 million agreed now is part of a sum of over £21 million spent on a range of infrastructure improvements over the last few years, delivered by the City Council and other partners.

Alongside S106 funding, the Community Infrastructure Levy has generated a further £24.5 million for infrastructure improvements.

Lib Dem Leader of the Council, Cllr Cllr Stephen Robinson, added, "This means that Chelmsford is well placed to maximise the delivery of infrastructure needed to support the city's growth and deliver a greener, safer and fairer Chelmsford."

Read the full S106 report here