Extra opportunities to comment on west Chelmsford development

June 11, 2020 7:32 AM

Warren Farm development west Chelmsford (Chelmsford City Council Local Plan)Residents to the west of Chelmsford have been given extra opportunities to comment on development planned for Roxwell Road, Writtle. Local Liberal Democrat Councillors Stephen Robinson, Ann Davidson and Lee Ashley have ensured a range of consultation opportunities are now available.

A revised masterplan for the development has been published for consultation. The local councillors have ensured that a leaflet is being addressed and sent to 4,000 houses near the site; residents can discuss any concerns by phone or video conference with planning officers, and an online meeting will be arranged for local residents' groups. None of this would have happened if the Conservatives were still in charge of Chelmsford City Council.

Under the Local Plan and procedures written by the Conservatives, this masterplan would simply have been notified by email to residents who had previously contacted the Council.

Commented Cllr Robinson, "The Liberal Democrats didn't want this site in the Local Plan, but we lost that argument when the Conservative majority voted the Local Plan through in June 2018. So now the debate moves on to HOW is the site to be developed. There has already been consultation on the first draft of the Masterplan in 2018 and this has now been revised.

"The Masterplan sets out broad principles for site layout. The fine detail will be dealt with on a future occasion when the developer submits a planning application."

To view the Masterplan and make comments, go to this page. (NB If that doesn't work, go to Planning Searches and look up reference 18/00001/MAS.)

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