Chelmsford City Council backs climate commitment with Cabinet post for Rose Moore

June 10, 2020 4:14 PM

Rose MooreChelmsford City Council has reaffirmed that tackling climate change is a top priority, with a new Cabinet appointment. Councillor Rose Moore has been appointed to the post of Cabinet Member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford.

Her role replaces the Cabinet Member for Safer Chelmsford, previously held by Councillor Jude Deakin, who is now the Mayor of Chelmsford for this year and has therefore stepped back from politics for the duration of her term.

Rose Moore attended school in Chelmsford and has lived in the city with her family since 2006. The former Chelmsford County High School pupil graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 1995; went on to lecture in Performing Arts at Braintree College, and has worked as a professional musician, music editor and composer since 1998.

Rose Moore brings a fresh eye to local government, having become involved in local politics less than 18 months ago and being elected as a Chelmer Village councillor in 2019.

Councillor Moore is responsible for overseeing five areas of the Council's work with a focus on keeping the city's people and the planet healthy, safe and green:

  • Parks, including biodiversity, allotments and cemeteries as well as the city's parks
  • Waste management and recycling, street cleaning and Chelmsford Market
  • Community safety, including emergency planning, working with safety partners like the police, play facilities and issues affecting young people
  • Leisure, including the Council's four leisure venues and Hylands House
  • Technical services, which includes architectural design and building quality

Councillor Moore said, "I'm very proud to serve as Cabinet Member within a leadership team committed to making the whole of Chelmsford greener, safer, fairer and better-connected. We must tread gently - reducing consumables, energy and waste, reusing what we can, recycling what we can't, and rethinking how we live.

"I am passionate about the natural environment, its protection and restoration, boosting biodiversity and increasing understanding of our interconnectivity. We all have a duty of care, to the local environment, to each other - including the billions that we'll never meet - and to this whole, wondrous planet. We've done terrible harm: the evidence is clear and indisputable. It is time to act and make amends.

"Through the services that we deliver, as a major employer and through our regulatory and strategic functions, local authorities can and should be at the forefront of local renewal as we all learn to live differently."

Councillor Moore has two Cabinet Deputies to support her work: Councillor Ann Davidson, Cabinet Deputy for Healthy Living; and Councillor Smita Rajesh, Cabinet Deputy for Community Safety.

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