Chelmsford is better connected with a Lib Dem Council

November 20, 2019 11:49 AM

Meeting members of the Vison Youth Cafe in front of their legal graffiti wallThe Liberal Democrats campaigned in the local elections to make Chelmsford Safer, Greener, Fairer and Better Connected. Below are some of the policy changes and actions that your Liberal Democrat-led City Council has undertaken in the first six months.

A Better-Connected Chelmsford

  • Make it easier for the public to contact the Council by linking up Digital Services. New self-serve, online services will allow the public to report issues directly through the Council's website, rather than waiting in a telephone queue. This will bring the Council into the 21st Century and make it more efficient.

  • Working towards a more open Council - encouraging the public to attend more Council meetings and ask questions; allowing all Councillors to ask more questions at and before Cabinet meetings, and putting out more information via social media. The first speech of the new Lib Dem leadership of the council was broadcast on Facebook Live and we are looking at low-cost ways to do that for all meetings.

  • Supporting new, innovative productions in Theatres & Museums. The theatre has trialed new ways to reach different audiences. The productions of Someone Who'll Watch Over Me and R4J are just two examples of the more diverse range of programming that we expect to see in the coming months and years.

  • The refurbished and reimagined Chelmsford City Museum was officially reopened and has welcomed approximately 30,000 visitors, which is more than came in a whole year before. The museum has developed its volunteer programme, to support services, and is growing new audiences, with exciting innovations like Museum Lates, which bring visitors into the museum 'out of hours' - making the most of the Council's investment and its building assets.

  • Creation of the Chelmsford Policy Board. This board looks at all policy formation and has so far formed five Working Groups, all cross party like the Board itself, covering the following areas .

    • homelessness and rough sleeping

    • the supply of housing that is affordable

    • health and wellbeing

    • developing more use of our waterways and adjacent towpaths and green spaces

    • local democracy and the connectedness and involvement of Chelmsford 's many organisations and charities and its residents.

More news about better connected communities

  • Viaduct over Central Park at sunset in Chelmsford (Chelmsford City Council)
    Article: Apr 9, 2022

    Culture Chelmsford, an independent charity supporting arts and culture in the city, is looking for new trustees. The charity is helping to grow the cultural scene in Chelmsford, and you could join them.

    To get the best for culture in Chelmsford they raise money, influence others, and work with partners like councils, universities and cultural organisations.

  • purple flag
    Article: Mar 8, 2022
    In Chelmsford City Life

    Chelmsford is officially celebrating, after receiving the news that the city has again been awarded the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for its evening and night-time economy - similar to the Blue Flag for beaches.

    The accreditation scheme aims to raise the standard, and broaden the appeal, of town and city centres between the hours of 5pm & 5am. Areas awarded the Purple Flag are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture, while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.

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    These are families desperately fleeing war with their children. Let them in.

    A terrible human tragedy is unfolding before our eyes, as a direct result of Putin's maniacal aggression.

    Coverage of the past week has seen scores of people desperate to get out of Ukraine before it's too late, including LGBT+ people, journalists and activists who fear persecution at the hands of Russian forces. We've seen parents with children seeking safety for their families from Putin's war machine.

  • Budget
    Article: Feb 23, 2022

    Chelmsford City Council has approved a budget for 2022-23. The plans from the Lib Dem-led Council aim to maintain essential services and protect vulnerable residents, as well as taking action on climate change, affordable homes and a more-connected city, as promised in the Council's "Our Chelmsford, Our Plan".

  • budget
    Article: Feb 11, 2022

    Proposals to help ease the pressure on families struggling to meet soaring costs of energy, food, mortgages, and tax rises were tabled by Essex Liberal Democrats.

    At the budget meeting of Essex County Council on Thursday 10th February, the Liberal Democrat opposition group proposed an amendment to the Conservatives' budget, with the following key points: