Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future.

November 4, 2019 11:19 PM
By Liberal Democrats
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Brighter FutureThis election is a once in a generation opportunity to reshape our politics, and give hope to the millions of people who want a fairer, brighter future. Here in Chelmsford, more and more people are moving to support Marie Goldman as the next MP.

That's why we have launched our campaign slogan: Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future. Sign up to help here.

This slogan reflects a positive forward-looking vision for the country.

Boris Johnson & Jeremy Corbyn are stuck in the past and the Liberal Democrats represent a brighter future.

Both the Conservatives and Labour are stuck in the past, failing time and again to build a better future. We have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every person, every community and our planet can thrive.

This General Election is about the direction of our country for the next generation.

The Liberal Democrats are the strongest party of Remain and we are ready to fight to stop Brexit and ensure that we can build a brighter future for our United Kingdom.