Chelmsford Lib Dems ready for any election: Goldman is new Parliamentary Candidate

January 10, 2019 8:07 AM

Marie GoldmanThe Liberal Democrats have kicked off 2019 raring to go and are the first political party in Chelmsford to announce their candidate for the next General Election, whenever it comes.

Party members have chosen Marie Goldman, who lives and works in the centre of the constituency.

Said Marie Goldman, "I'm thrilled and honoured to be selected by the Liberal Democrats in my home constituency of Chelmsford.

"We need far more people with real-world experience in Parliament. My wealth of experience from living in other countries and running my own businesses allows me to understand the importance of having strong, liberal values in Parliament.

"I have supported the Liberal Democrats all my life but (like 60,000 other people) only recently joined, because I could no longer stand by and watch our country being run down by the other parties. Britain should be at the heart of the EU, reforming it from within.

"Chelmsford is a great place to live, but much needs to be fixed, too. We need a real solution for the 300 homeless families in Chelmsford; affordable housing for people who are priced out of the market, and the infrastructure that must go with it.

"Chelmsford should be a destination not just for restaurants and shopping, but for jobs and investment, too.

"Whenever the next General Election comes, I'll be ready to demand better for the residents of Chelmsford."

Cllr. Stephen Robinson, who fought the constituency previously, added, "I am absolutely delighted that Marie Goldman has been chosen by Lib Dem members. She will be a fantastic representative for Chelmsford and will build on the strong Lib Dem base of past elections. As the Leader of the Lib Dems on Chelmsford Council, I will work closely with Marie to deliver success at all levels."

Marie has lived with her family in the centre of Chelmsford for over 15 years, where she runs small businesses related to the construction and technology industries.

Anyone who wants to help the campaign can go to volunteer

More about Marie Goldman including contact details here.