Cuts in Essex Police and rising crime

December 12, 2018 11:41 AM

Police bikeAt Essex County Council yesterday, attention was drawn to the cuts in Essex Police Officers and PCSOs, and rising crime. A motion from the Liberal Democrats to the Full Council meeting noted a cut in officers since 2010 of 650, rising drug and violence-related crimes, and that Essex Police is the second-lowest funded police force in the country.

Opposition parties came together to back the Lib Dem motion on police but, stunningly, a proposal to recognise the threat to the safety of our police officers was rejected by the Conservative majority.

A Conservative amendment to the Lib Dem motion removed vital facts from the motion that:

# Violent and drug related crime in Essex is at record levels

# The UK's Senior National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism highlighted that neighbourhood policing was now at risk and that withdrawing police on the ground could mean losing the relationships and trust within communities

# That additional resources should be provided to Neighbourhood Policing Teams in order to strengthen the working relationships between the Force and local communities in the county

#That there should be no cuts to frontline policing in Essex

Commented Lib Dem Leader Cllr. Mike Mackrory, "It is shocking that Essex Conservatives refuse to recognise the depths of the cuts in Essex police and bizarre that they think there is no connection between police cuts and this worrying rise in crime."