Leaving EU without a deal will be disaster; Government must release their analysis

September 6, 2018 10:12 AM
By Tom Brake
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

The Government have refused to guarantee that MPs will see the full impact analysis of a "no-deal" Brexit before the final vote on departure from the EU. This makes a mockery of the discredited mantra 'Taking Back Control'.

The Government must stop these murky games and pledge to release this analysis.

There's no denying a no-deal would be a disaster, but the Chequers proposal would be equally bad. No one should kid themselves that there is a good deal.

The Government are clearly losing the plot.

In the same breath they talk up trade with Africa and claim that a no-Deal Brexit with our largest trading partner, the EU, would not be a catastrophe.

This week, the Director General of the World Trade Organisation warned that it is "not realistic" to believe the UK can start trading under WTO rules the day after Brexit in March.

Without WTO rules, just imagine the true scale of the crisis facing the country

The damage for businesses and families unveiled in the Conservative Government's no-deal Brexit papers are clear to see.

But the Government's assertions were based on falling back on WTO rules and now even the WTO have warned there is no certainty the UK can follow these immediately.

Without WTO rules, just imagine the true scale of the crisis facing the country now because of Theresa May's incompetent Government.

No matter what the deal, Brexit will be a disaster.

The people must have the chance to reject this Brexit mess with a final say on the deal, including the option to remain in the EU. Sign the petition here.