Chelmsford's housing crisis worsens

October 4, 2017 6:16 PM

Folkestone Triennial 2017 exhit [house]Chelmsford is suffering a worsening housing crisis. Figures out recently show that people on lower incomes, especially younger people, are unable to find anywhere affordable to live.

Over 1000 people in 380 households are now homeless in Chelmsford. That 380 was just 53 in 2013. It costs the council vast sums of money to put people up in very expensive bed and breakfast accommodation.

Homelessness at present costs taxpayers in excess of £1 billion a year, says the National Audit Office.

Chelmsford's Lib Dem Leader Stephen Robinson uncovered figures showing that in the last 16 years, the target for all new houses built has only been met five times (and the best year was under Lib Dem leadership). In total, Chelmsford is 2095 houses short of target.

The target on housing density (i.e. sustainability) was only met 40% of the time last year.

The target for affordable housing (35% of all new development) was met just ONCE in 13 years of Conservative rule. Had it been met each year, that would have been an extra 828 affordable homes.

All this data was discussed in this report to last Thursday's Development Policy Committee.

The Liberal Democrats have set out policy nationally to end homelessness. See