2017 Election Result - Chelmsford Lib Dems better than nationally

June 9, 2017 2:41 PM

General Election 8th June 2017

Chelmsford Lib Dems buck trend and increase vote share.

After a winning more votes than any other party in the County Council elections in May, Chelmsford Liberal Democrats went into the General Election relatively optimistic. However, as both the Conservatives and Labour shifted the focus of the campaign to a "Presidential" battle between their leaders, the Lib Dems were squeezed.

Unlike many areas across the region, in Chelmsford the Lib Dems managed a slight increase in votes and moved from 4th place to 3rd.

Holding the Conservatives to Account

That's still the job for Lib Dems locally and nationally. In Chelmsford, Labour were nowhere near winning council seats on 4th May.

Chelmsford Conservatives had to respond to the Lib Dems asking the key questions. The new MP Mrs Ford kept saying that our hospital would be safe, that we would get the infrastructure, and school budgets won't be cut. We need to keep the pressure on the local MP and Councillors to ensure that it is so.