Chelmsford Conservatives back cuts to Broomfield A&E!

January 25, 2017 8:49 PM

Lib Dem call to oppose ignored

Mike Mackrory at Broomfield

Proposals that could downgrade Accident and Emergency at Broomfield Hospital have been backed by Chelmsford's Conservatives on Essex County Council.

At the December meeting of Essex County Council the Liberal Democrat Opposition asked the Council to oppose these plans but the Tories voted the move down. Under the NHS proposals trauma patients from Chelmsford and Mid Essex could be taken all the way to Basildon hospital instead of Broomfield.

Councillor Mike Mackrory, said, "Thousands of new homes are being built around Chelmsford, Braintree and parts of Brentwood. Liberal Democrats say we need to keep a full A&E service at Broomfield, it is putting lives at risk by downgrading the unit. Now is not the time for this cut, if anything they should be upgrading to cope with the ever increasing demands."

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