Chelmsford Council rejects Lib Dem call for action on parking

December 8, 2016 7:31 PM

parking nowAt a meeting of Chelmsford City Council last night (7th December 2016) the Conservative group voted en bloc to reject a Lib Dem calling for better parking enforcement.

Lib Dem Jude Deakin told that the Council that illegal parking (on double and single yellow lines) poses a significant problem. It:

  • endangers pedestrians (in particular children at school-times), cyclists, and those with limited mobility
  • impedes the flow of transport; and
  • causes expensive damage to footways.

Cllr Deakin said that the restrictions that are in place should be enforced better (in particular, evening restrictions).

She and the other Lib Dems called on the council to "investigate whether a combination of better enforcement of existing regulations, driver education and driver incentives can be deployed to improve the situation for residents and to bring a report to the next Cabinet meeting on action to be taken". But the Conservatives voted down the proposal.

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