Chelmsford Lib Dems call for action on puppy farming

November 26, 2015 10:55 AM

Small black dogChelmsford council is being asked to act against puppy farmers and other unlicensed breeders, with the Liberal Democrats moving a motion to this effect at Wednesday's full council meeting.

The motion calls on the council to

a) continue partnership working with RSPCA and Trading Standards to find and prosecute puppy farmers and other unlicensed breeders

b) advise residents on best practice for buying puppies, especially in the run up to Christmas) encouraging them not to buy puppies from anyone selling in suspicious circumstances, and to report such incidents immediately

c) to investigate any reports, adverts in local papers or websites that offer puppies for sale in the area, alerting other local authorities and agencies, as appropriate

d) back a change in the law to introduce licences for dog breeders, to generate sufficient funds to allow this and other councils to monitor such activities, and advise the Government of this council's views

Said Cllr Jude Deakin, who is moving the motion, "I am very concerned that puppy farms and unscrupulous, unlicensed breeders continue to supply puppies. It is appropriate in the run-up to Christmas, when animals may be given as presents, that people check the source of any animals. The Council, via its dog wardens, should work with the RSPCA and Essex Trading Standards to stamp out puppy farming."