Chelmsford Council's Community Day of Action on Friday, in Melbourne

September 7, 2015 10:52 AM

Chelmsford City Council has organised a second Community Day of Action, this time in the Melbourne neighbourhood, for Friday 11 September. Community Days of Action are high impact, high visibility, multi agency events which include an extensive clean-up campaign, enforcement operations to target dog fouling and initiatives to improve the quality of the environment by encouraging the local community to be proud of where they live.

This event coincides with the City Council's '#We are Chelmsford' fortnight from 5 - 19 September and residents of Melbourne will be able to speak to several of the Council's teams including Street Care, Parks and Public Health and Protection for advice and support.

Chelmer Housing Partnership (CHP), Essex Fire and Rescue, Essex Police, Chelmsford Supporting Voluntary Action and the DVLA will all be supporting the event and on hand to answer any questions that residents may have.

Information stands will be displayed between 9am - 2pm outside Melbourne Parade and there will be a local Police Community Safety Officer available to talk to residents between 10am and 11am.

Chelmsford City Council's Recycling Team will be distributing extra recycling bags and boxes and providing advice about food waste collections. Each year in Chelmsford we throw away 12,500 tonnes of food waste, and the Council wants to make sure that this is collected in food waste caddies to enable it to be turned into electricity. Centre Supporting Voluntary Action will be providing advice about their Volunteer Centre and on behalf of Anglian Water will be informing residents about a new campaign called Keep-It-Clear, which encourages people to throw away their cooking oil/fat in their food waste recycling and not down their sink. The DVLA will also be working in the area, identifying untaxed cars by using Number Plate Recognition.

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