Tell the Conservatives: Don't Choke Chelmsford

May 6, 2015 11:00 AM

Graham Pooley traffic congestion viewed from wing mirror Congestion in Chelmsford is bad enough already. Conservative plans, recently revealed by Mr Cameron, will make it worse. Only by voting for a strong group of Lib Dem Councillors on Thursday can you stop it. Labour and other minor parties are nowhere in Chelmsford.

They have £13 million in spare cash stashed away in the council bank account. They should use that to help fix congestion e.g. a third Park & Ride.

When David Cameron was in Essex a month ago, he made a big play of his plan to build more houses. But one of his ideas is to drop the requirement for developers to pay towards the cost of new infrastructure when they build lots of new houses.

Imagine what that would be like for Chelmsford, given how bad things are already.

More houses (which we do need), but no transport improvements to match. No funding from developers for new schools and doctors' surgeries. No need to even plant a tree or build a bus stop.

No wonder the Conservatives have had so much money over the years from construction companies.

The Conservatives' recent decisions on Chelmsford council are bad enough - such as letting Countryside and Bellway build 1750 houses BEFORE the new relief road has to be built from Channels golf course.

Please sign the Don't Choke Chelmsford petition at and please share it with your friends.

And vote Lib Dem on Thursday - the only party that can win enough Councillors in Chelmsford to stop the Conservative plans, and for Stephen Robinson to be the MP who will stand up for Chelmsford on this subject.