Parking chaos in Broomfield Parade, north Chelmsford

April 30, 2015 8:02 PM
lady in wheelchair cannot get past cars blocking the path

This lady wanted to show you how bad parking is on the Parade

Bad parking on Broomfield Parade is just getting worse and Essex Highways are doing nothing about it. The double yellow lines are always being parked on, blocking the path for wheelchair users and pedestrians.

Over the last two years Cllr Stephen Robinson has asked a number of times for more traffic warden visits. He said, "I have been assured that they are happening and I have been given reports back. However, it is making little difference. I am told that this is partly because wardens cannot issue tickets immediately they see a parked vehicle, and drivers usually move when observed."

A big problem here is that the path in front of KFC is owned by KFC not Essex Highways and so cannot be managed by wardens or police. Also, many people parking are commuters.

Various people have suggested making parking diagonal to the pavement to create more spaces. Highways have said NO because half of the "pavement" in front of the shops is not highway: it belongs to the shops. At the recent Chelmsford Highways panel, Highways officers reported that they had investigated but there was not much that they can do. Cllr Robinson persuaded the panel to not accept the report and ask the officers to think again.

The idea of parking restrictions has been raised in the past but there has never been consensus on what people want (many of the staff of the shops park there). One possibility is pay and display with 30 minutes free.

Is Pay & Display with first 30 minutes free a good idea for Broomfield Parade?

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