MORE street lights could go off in Essex

October 24, 2014 10:12 AM

Street lightsEssex County Council's Cabinet Member for Highways (Cllr Rodney Bass) has hinted that MORE street lights in Essex could be switched off, despite mounting evidence of concern from the public and the police.

An Essex CC Scrutiny Committee recently investigated the "Lights Off" process and made a number of recommendations to Cllr Bass. In a letter to the committee which met yesterday (23 October), Cllr Bass said (among other things) that rolling out his policy could involve switching off MORE lights in future. He also criticised the committee for having the cheek to call in all his decisions for review!

You can read the letter from Cllr Bass at Item 8 of the Agenda here.

The page also includes a link to the investigation report.

Said Stephen Robinson (Essex County Councillor, Chelmsford North), "It is becoming increasingly clear that switching off the lights (a) saves the council only a small amount of money but may cost others more, and (b) only saves a small amount of CO2 emissions. This is more than outweighed by sending many lorries around Essex carrying rubbish, and LED lights could save more."