Lib Dem Graham Pooley wins Broomfield & Walthams by-election onto Chelmsford council

February 20, 2013 12:40 AM

Graham PooleyLib Dem campaigner Graham Pooley has gained a seat on Chelmsford council, winning the Broomfield & Walthams by-election held on Tuesday 19th February. He won the vacancy caused by the death of veteran councillor Delmas Ashford.

The result is shown below and the vote share comparisons are with the last election in 2011.

Lib Dem 543 38.1% +17.7%
Cons 423 29.7% -3.5%
UKIP 280 19.6% +19.6%
Lab 129 9.0% 0.0%
Green 47 3.3% -6.4%
Ind -27.7%
1426 22.2% turnout

Graham Pooley thanked the council officers, his team of helpers and the people of Broomfield and The Walthams. He paid tribute to Delmas Ashford and pledged to be a strong voice for the villages on the council.