Cllrs. Robinson and Deakin act to halt St Peter's college sell off

July 31, 2012 11:18 PM
Cllr Stephen Robinson and Cllr Paul Bentham looking at a clipboard in front of the former St Peter's college

Cllr Stephen Robinson briefs Cllr Paul Bentham about the former St Peter's college site

A halt has been called on plans to sell most of the site of the former St Peter's college in north west Chelmsford. Essex County Council has agreed that part of the site will be given to Thriftwood special academy and debate is now starting about the rest of the site.

An intervention by the County Councillors for the area, Lib Dems Stephen Robinson and Jude Deakin, has stopped the site being put up for sale immediately.

Said Cllr Robinson, "During the recent by-election I said I would campaign for community facilities on the site. So when Jude Deakin and I heard that the Council was thinking about selling the site, we met the Cabinet member for Finance.

"I am delighted that he agreed to give local people time to come forwards with proposals for what the community would like to see on the site in future. We will now have these discussions via the North West Chelmsford Action Group."


1. The formal decision notice is here

2. The North West Chelmsford Action Group is an informal gathering of public and community services in the area, meeting four or five times a year