"Only" 3,600 houses for Greater Beaulieu Park Chelmsford

February 16, 2012 2:49 PM

building siteA planning application for houses north and north-east of Springfield ("Greater Beaulieu Park") has been revised slightly. Two years ago ZEST Countryside Properties asked for "up to 4,000 houses" but now they have reduced this to "up to 3,600 houses".

Commented Cllr. Stephen Robinson (who created the Don't Choke Chelmsford campaign): "The other application for well over 600 houses near Channels Golf Course means that developers are, in total, asking for vastly more than the 3,200 houses indicated in the North Chelmsford Area Action Plan, the council's strategic plan for the area.

"Liberal Democrat councillors will keep up the pressure against over-development and for investment in local services and jobs, not just houses."

Comments on this application can be made on the council website via this link: http://goo.gl/MV8gr

Information on the separate application for a new railway station is on the council site: http://goo.gl/2ZPaf

A developer brochure for the Channels application is here (NB It's a 7mb PDF)

The official notice to the public from the council reads as follows:

Proposal: Mixed use development comprising residential development of up to 3,600 dwellings, mixed uses (up to 62,300sqm gross) comprising employment floorspace including new business park, retail, hotel, leisure, open space, education & community facilities, landscaping, new highways including a radial distributor road, public transport provisions & associated and ancillary development. (Outline application - all matters reserved).

The application has been amended through revisions to the master plan and the sequence of parameter plans in response to the requirements of the now adopted North Chelmsford Area Action Plan with associated amendments to the Environmental Statement and other supporting documentation.

The revisions principally comprise:-

- Revised housing layout and reduction in dwelling numbers from up to 4,000 dwellings to up to 3,600 dwellings,

- New estate road layout,

- A combined primary and secondary school site adjacent to a new neighbourhood centre,

- A repositioned additional primary school site,

- Revised network of public open space,

- Compensatory measures for New Hall including new planting, meadow and deer park,

- Revised layout for the Business Park and Mixed Use Area with a reduction in the mixed use floorspace capacity from up to 69,700sqm gross to 62,300sqm gross; and

- Inclusion of a new radial distributor road (RDR) with various access options to the south-east (Boreham Interchange) and west (Essex Regiment Way).

A copy of the application may be seen at the Planning offices in Coval Lane between 8.45am and 4. 45pm Mondays to Thursdays and 8.45am to 4.15pm on Fridays (except the last Wednesday of the month where due to staff training the offices open at 10.00am), or it can be viewed on the Council's website.

If you have any further observations to make on the amended application you should send them to reach me by 8th March 2012 , quoting the application reference. If your comments are not received by this date it may not be possible to take them into account when the application is determined.

Please note that I am unable to treat any comments as confidential as your letter will be available for the public to read, and if an appeal is lodged, any representations will be sent to the Secretary of State and the appellant and will be made available for viewing on the Internet as part of the appeal process.

Keith Holmes

Planning and Development Manager

Comments on this application can be made on the council website via this link: http://goo.gl/MV8gr