Road safety call in north Chelmsford

November 9, 2011 10:09 AM

Crowd of parents outside Tanglewood nursery with local CouncillorsParents at Tanglewood Nursery School, in Melbourne Avenue north Chelmsford, have collected a petition to improve road safety. They are calling for an urgent highways review in the area to provide for a safer crossing, in particular for those approaching from the Anderson Avenue side of Melbourne Avenue, and would like a 20 mph restriction to be imposed.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors Jude Deakin and Tom Smith-Hughes were presented with the petition. Said Cllr Jude Deakin: "It is confusing for children - who are taught to recognise the difference between a pavement and a road by the kerbstone - that, outside the Nursery gates, there is a raised area of road, level with the pavement, which is a form of traffic calming, and not for pedestrian use. This should be reinstated to normal road level, or barriers placed on the edge of the pavement on both sides of the road.

This is one of a number of road safety issues I and my colleague councillors are taking up."

Added Cllr Tom Smith-Hughes: "The current right of way is for traffic approaching the roundabout, leaving Melbourne Avenue, which often causes a tailback of traffic around the roundabout and down North Avenue. Reversing the priority should be considered, which would be an effective traffic calming measure."