4,000 green-field houses given go-ahead for North Chelmsford

July 8, 2011 3:02 PM

Building site4,000 houses on green fields to the North West and North East of Chelmsford have been given the OK. The long-awaited report from a Government-appointed inspector has backed the plans by Conservative-run Chelmsford council.

The proposals are in the North Chelmsford Area Action Plan. It proposes 3,200 houses north of Springfield and Beaulieu Park; 400 houses on the edges of Broomfield; around 250 near Newlands Spring, and 150 near Essex Avenue/Woodhall.

The news comes as a bitter blow to residents of Newlands Spring and the Chignal Road areas of North West Chelmsford, who fought the proposals for that area right to the end.

Said Stephen Robinson, a local Councillor and Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate in 2010, "The Liberal Democrats have opposed this scheme from the outset. These houses should go on the old airfield and gravel pit north of Boreham, with a new station there.

"The Conservatives on the council had a choice about where to locate these houses. They made the wrong choice, because of the negative impact on existing roads and local services."

This report has to be formally adopted by Chelmsford Council, which it plans to do at its meeting on 20th July. The houses are due to be built by 2021.

You can download a PDF of the Inspector's report from the council website here: and Appendix 1 that lists a large number of small changes to the plan here.